Why Cornerman?

Coaching a business, is much like a Cornerman working with a fighter. You want to make sure they have the skills, the strength, the endurance, and the right attitude. The Cornerman also needs to understand the opponent and what will be required for victory.

A top Cornerman must possess a range of complementary attributes that many people may never attain. He must be a psychologist, able to assist the fighter through the emotional minefield that is the preparation for combat. A strategist, a General, able to see what it’s going to take to secure victory and offering the kind of tactical advice that can be put into practice in the crucible of battle.

I speak from my own experiences, both sitting on the stool and holding the water bottle.

A Cornerman For Your Business

A cornerman is a trusted advisor, someone who has been there before, has seen the mistakes made by many others, and someone who will inspire, motivate and coach you to your best performance.

How I can help you and your business:

» Develop a clear plan and strategy

» Identify all projects to achieve the plan

» Project manage these

» Achieve a profitable and sustainable business

» Strategy WITH Implementation

» I help my clients to increase business performance through productivity, planning and project management

Is Your Business Ready for Combat?

Do you have a Business Plan?

Do you have un-finished projects?

Are you stuck trying to start projects?

Do you feel in control of your business future?

Are you concerned about business failure?

Consulting and coaching allow me to help unlock the potential of businesses. I love the business of being in business. I specialise in planning, prioritising, project management and getting things done.  
Making stuff happen is what I do that others don’t. Not just theory but action.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” I specialise in helping businesses go from good to great…from where they are now to where they want to be…from now town to paradise city. With a Strategic Plan, a business owner gains clarity, certainty, and confidence.

For my hospitality mates, liquor and/or gaming licences are the lifeblood of their business. For over 20 years I have prepared hundreds of applications that allows them to diversify and grow their revenues. New licences, transfers, or increased area or hours of trade.


We used Justin McGurgan for our liquor licensing application for our hotel. We found his team extremely professional, prompt, and helpful in ensuring our licence application was handled quickly and most importantly successfully. Gaining prompt approval was important to our business plans, and we were thrilled with Justin’s attitude and delivery of a positive outcome. We will continue to use them for all of our licensing needs and recommend them to anyone seeking affordable and professional licensing services.

– Shane Rettke / General Manager, SERVACO